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Tuesday, November 29, 2011 , 5:56 PM

i must admit that i'm probably the worst blogger, ever.
i always set goals of updating my blog at least once a week,
once a month, and from the pace that i'm in,
my next would probably to update at least once a year.
jking of course ;)

the main reason why i never came back to brag about my trip
to korea was due to many reasons. first, i had thousands of pictures
and i simply can't choose which ones to show & which ones to not!
secondly, i'm too lazy. as simple as that!

and the last reason why i haven't been too motivated in anything
is because of the flood that has occurred in Thailand for the past 3-4 months.
my hometown is located up north of Thailand, and it had flooded, bad.
luckily my house wasn't affected by the waters because we are located pretty
far from the river sources, but unluckily, the water started flowing into
the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. with news of water rising here & there,
my life there in the big city was very uncertain.
we had to keep our ears opened all the time for the most recent news,
to evacuate out of the area or not,
and had to try telling which news to believe & what not to.

and there it was, the official news had came that we needed
to evacuate immediately out of the area because a big ball
of water is going to rush in any minute. living alone in the city,
i had nowhere to go but my apartment but i was very grateful for all
my friends who called to check on me, and offered me a place to stay
before i figured things out. i have to admit, it was one of the scariest
periods i have ever faced. all the food places, minimarts, everything,
and i mean EVERYTHING was sold out.
i freaked.

so i stayed over at a friend's house for two days,
when my parents bought me plane tickets for me to come back
home immediately. being aware of the situation, i packed very light.
with 3 shirts and only 1 pant with my wallet & passport,
i headed straight to the airport, exactly only one day before
the water flushed in and the airport was under water.

i am safe now. very dry & very happy.
but i am very sad at the same time for my friends
and other people who's houses are now under water and destroyed.
the waters are slowly decreasing but i can still see the sorrow
in the people's faces... it is a very hard time for us...
and now i only wish the hot sunny weather would make
the waters evaporate away along with the tears & sadness of the people.

my uni has been closed for over a month, reaching two months soon.
my apartment is still under water & i still can't go back to Bangkok
because there is no way i can get through or survive there.
god bless Thailand.

here are some pictures if you have not heard
or seen the situation that we are in yet.
(pictures are not taken by me, but belong to the Ch.3 Skyreport team)

(Donmeung Airport - the airport i got to a day before the water came in)

(Safari World - an open zoo where the animals are heavily affected,
but have now been relocated to a new shelter)

(Safari World - zoo)

(A golf course - only the greens are visible)

(In the middle of Bangkok city)

(Bhuddamonthol Park - the park just 5 mins drive away from my uni & apartment
completely underwater - flood water or the streets, we can't tell anymore)


i wrote this post to share with all of you what i am going through,
what Thailand is going through
& i only hope now that we will be back to becoming
Thailand - the land of smiles
again soon.

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