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Friday, July 8, 2011 , 6:56 PM

(no makeup, breaking out bc of exam stress,
& i can't enough of these Marc by Marc Jacob tees! my fav :D !)

hellooooooooo !
been a while since my last update!
the truth is, my last term of my junior year in college is coming to an end!
so that means FINAL EXAMS!
i actually prepared many pictures of my new posts, but i haven't had
the time to write them up yet :(
so ごめんね!(sorry!) it has to wait till after my exams!

finals i'll have to battle through
- genetics : DONE!
- abnormal psych / psychopathology
- intermediate Japanese III
- health education
- statistics for research
- biochemistry

& you guys know what's going to happen after this term ends ;)
i'll be going back to my parent's for 4 days then ...

ps. anyone's that interested in doing a swap,
please email me at lococo.lotion@gmail.com
tell me what country you're in, & what products you're interested in
oh oh oh! and your blogggggggggggggg :)
& i'll get back to you after my finals :)
because i'll be shopping for the stuff there!

& thank you for all those lovely comments on my previous posts!
i'll be sure to get back to everyone as soon as my exams are done!

now i'm off to finish my genetics research paper!
wish me luck!
- Coco

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