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Friday, June 24, 2011 , 7:14 PM

no. i'm not a lesbian.
hahahahaha the post's title did sound a little scary though XP
the 'girl' i'm talking about is a Thai teenage model that i have recently discovered
it's pretty amazing how we have the same real name & she's only a few years older than me
and trust me ... my name is rareeeeeeeeeeeeee. super rareeeeee.
she goes by the name "IDA" pronounced "ai-da"

she's not a world-known famous model or anything
but because of her unique looks & sense of style, she has been featured in many of my favorite local magazines :)
she's also been cast in music videos, movies, catwalks, etc
gaining a lot of popularity this year !
she is definitely unique & drop dead gorgeous
i am head over heels over this woman!
& you'll see exactly why ...

i usually am not crazy about any models, ever.
but for some reason i find her different.
besides her perfect body, her face is so unique, i can't take my eyes off her


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