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Monday, February 28, 2011 , 6:17 PM


yay! i'm finally back with the winner to my giveaway results!
i have to admit though that i am truly sorry for delaying the result for so long :(
i chose the wrong timing for making a giveaway i guess. because i just got done with my midterms last week & it's been a heck of a week! but now that i'm free, i'll be announcing the winner today!

i initially thought that only a few would enter, but after keying all the usernames, i was shocked to see that i had up to 148 names! so the hat drawing would obviously be impossible so i had to use the random.org number generator (i know... not so classic but i have no time :( i made the rules clear but i have to say i didn't have time to go check if EVERYONE followed the rules or not. so yes, i trust you for saying the truth. if you do win however & didn't follow the rules properly, you'll have to live with that guilt FOREVER (lol i'm jking XP)

so the winner ......
*drum rolls* & the winner is ...


ENTRY #25 "MANDY" !!!!
she had only ONE entry! the luck is sure with her :D
she is a lovely girl with a LOVELY blog & pretty pictures :)
so i'll be e-mailing her & comment on her blog :)
& if there is no reply back within ONE WEEK, i have another 2 winners waiting for me :))
but i won't be saying who that is yet. so don't give up yet! you still have hope!

& for all of you that didn't win,
don't be sad because i'm already planning for more giveaways! :D
thank you sooooo much to everyone who participated! you don't know how happy i am :')
i love you all ! muah xoxo
ps. i'll be back with a real good post later this week (busy with labs!)

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