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Monday, January 10, 2011 , 4:24 PM

believe it or not but ...
i'm still A L I V E.
back with a pretty layout & super determined to get this blog going!
so how was new years for everyone? our family celebrated it by sleeping early on new years eve. sad to say but somehow the celebration feeling isn't there anymore. maybe it's because 2010 went by so fast, that i can't recall what really happened in that year. but anywhos, 2011 is here & the best thing to do is make the best in this year :)

that's why i'm back.
my resolution in 2011 includes blogging more.

i truly missed everyone here.
i miss the fun how we all used to comment each other & share each other thoughts of makeups, life & all. i'll be sure to go visit everyone's blogs :) i've been "hauling" non-stop ever since my last post. so be sure to get excited to see loads of reviews & pictures! :)

ps. i hope this new layout isn't too confusing :S
the comment buttons for each post are on top of the post (above the date)!
*EDIT* i moved the comments to below the post. which do you guys prefer? :(
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