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Tuesday, January 11, 2011 , 12:23 AM

one thing that most people assume would be the fact that ALL asians have perfect skin. FALSE! i'm asian & my skin is horrible.

as you guys might remember, i have the most sensitive skin ever. i'm not even joking. even brands such as "Clinique" that claims to be alcohol-free, perfume-free, and tested & all that jazz, i still get a allergic response to these products. this is why finding the right skincare line/routine for me has always been the most challenging thing ever. other than having super annoying sensitive skin, i also have dry & acne-prone skin. how can god be this cruel to me! but recently, i find that getting the right amount of sleep, keeping your skin cleansed, and drinking a lot of water was the MAIN cure to making my skin better.

(SANA Nameraka Line)

about a year ago, suffering with really nasty peeling dry skin *ew* my friend handed me over her SANA Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Light Toner for free because she didn't use it anymore & it was the first toner that i've used to the last drop! after that, this has been my HG toner that i always find myself coming back to it, no matter how 'ugly' my skin looked, this has never made it any worst. maybe it's due the fact that it's made from soybeans (contains Isoflavone <- click to read benefits), contains no fragrance/coloring/or any mineral oil at all.

(SANA Nameraka Cream)

because of that, i decided to invest in buying the whole line which includes the toner, lotion (or emulsion), cleansing foam, cream, and even the makeup base! sad to say but i'm only loving the initial toner that i got :S i found the cream to be waaaaaaaaaaaaay too thick. luckily it didn't make me break out 'yet' but i feel as if my face can't breathe at night :S maybe i'll give this another try later.

(sorry no picture!) as for the cleansing foam, it does cleanse my face well, removing all the makeup! the good thing about this foam is that it contains no fragrance, making it really suitable for those with sensitive skin. it also doesn't give you that 'tight' feeling like other washing soaps or foams.

& the other items i haven't tried them out yet. but follow up reviews will sure come later once i get to use them! :) so stay tuned!

(Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture)

my ULTIMATE FAVORITE/HG moisturizer would be the Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Super Moisture some of you might be like 'huh?' after reading the brand name but Dr.Ci:Labo is actually a hi-end skincare line in Japan especially for sensitive to SUPER sensitive skin users. it's weird how the cream texture is super watery but at the same time, it leaves my skin moist & hydrated for the whole day! it 'magically' gives my skin a glow during the day under my foundation :) if anyone can get hands on it, please do give it a try! i super duper recommend it!

(Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream)

as for eye cream, although i'm only 20 atm i've been taking more care of my eyes. i've also learnt recently that dark circles & puffiness can actually come from allergies. having been a sinus patient for years, i have those light circles under my eyes. luckily it's not TOO bad that can't be fixed by a dot of concealer. i'm currently using The Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream 'huh?! salmon as an eye cream?! ew?' that was my initial reaction after this line launched in Korea but! the cream smells amazing!


& now the ACNE talk. believe me i have already tried over 30 different spot treatment creams/gels & none of them had worked. & recently i have found a reason to this. that's because bacteria constantly finds a way to re-establish themselves. during medical microbiology last term on talks about bacteria on the human skin (ie: strep & staphylococcus) it 'clicked' to me that bacteria is ALWAYS finding new ways to make themselves stronger, meaning that if a medicine has killed them, they WILL find a way to overcome & be resistant to the medication ASAP (the whole process is SUPER long & complicated so i'm making it easy & brief !) that's why many people find that using a acne-spot treatment at first gives you SUCH good effects but after a week or so, it seems like it doesn't work anymore. now you know why.

because of this, i use TWO different spot treatments. using about 2-3 days for each cream. alternating it. this way, the bacteria won't have enough time to find a way to be resistant to the medication. this method is kind of the 'trickery method' tricking the nasty bacteria to be confused & all. this is the reason why i find my medications to be more effective now ;) try it & let me know how it works out for you!

(Mentholatum Acnes & Bifu Naito Medicated Acne Cream)

the 2 creams that i'm using is the Mentholatum Acnes & Bifu Naito (both super popular in Japan & can be found at Japanese drugstores!) which contains no Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide because my skin hates BOTH of them so much. my skin will burn & go red & becomes super painful :(

(Beauty Formulas Cucumber Extract Facial Cleansing Wipes)

another important factor for curing acne skin is to keeping your face clean. i used to just clean my face with a foam (2 times). but recently i have been using makeup wipes to remove ALL my makeup first then i'll clean it with a foam/soap in the shower. i find this way to be MUCH more effective. i feel as if my face is really 'clean' before going to bed.
*i'm using the cleansing wipes/tissues on sale at Watsons (HAHAHA)

i know that most of my stuff is not available in the western countries, but i'm confident that all SANA soybeans products can be found on sasa.com which has international shipping!
* i hope this post wasn't too boring & it gave you some tips about skincare (esp about acne!) & i'm so sorry about the yellow lighting! that's because my room is like this :S


have a great day!

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