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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 , 6:22 PM

sorry that it took a whole week for me to recover.
what actually happened was that right after my fever & sickness. i got these weird red dots all over my body. it was so scary & my mom was scared that i have malaria. so i went to the hospital & got a blood test & it turned out that i had measles. omfg -_-! it's a viral infection where you will get it only once in your life. it usually happens with little kids, but even after getting the vaccine earlier when i was little, i don't think my body responded to it. so yes. i had the measles. my body looked like a ripe tomato, literally. my arms and legs were all red & it was really uncomfy. thank gawd that it didn't itch ! so yeah... it's been 3-4 days since the appearance of the red dots already & it's almost gone now. hopefully after ALL this constant sickness, i'll be healthy as a cow from now on -_- OH. and also on sunday, i had diarhea a long with being all red. seriously, the past week had been so tough on me. i think i lost a few pounds from being sick too but now that i'm about 80% recovered, my body has been craving food like crazy so the weight is back -_-;

so that was about my life. now let's get on the actual post!
this is actually a post that i have been wanting to do for so long!
& this post is about 'BB Creams'
of course almost everyone knows or at least owns one BB Cream with them. but if you don't then no problem! let me quickly explain to you what 'BB Cream' actually means. BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is actually a combination of sunscreen, foundation & primer which is supposed to help moisturize & heal any imperfections on your face. BB Cream is actually first used as a make up item for those who had had for example, facial surgeries or has very sensitive skin. i'm not 100% sure about this, but i heard that BB Cream was first used somewhere in Europe to treat their patients, in fact, it wasn't Asia. this whole BB Cream "madness" actually began when stars & singers came out & told their secret to such flawless skin on camera, and that is of course the BB Cream. after this, every company out there (mostly Asian companies first) made many kinds & types of BB Creams, from lines targetting troubled/acne skin, wrinkle-fillers, or to extreme outdoor people, etc. the craziness can still be seen when companies such as Mac or Lancome even came out with their version of BB Cream!



the BB cream that i'm going to talk about specifically today is the infamous Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ which is probably one of the most popular & wanted BB cream, ever. this is probably due to the fact that Missha nowadays is available in many different countries, making it easier for the consumers to get access to. Not only it is popular in abroad, but in Asia too, this Missha BB cream ranked no.1 in the Japan cosme chart! Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, everywhere around Asia, this BB cream is claimed to be best in coverage, oil control, and healing properties. another reason why this BB cream is famous is the fact that it provides 3 different shades, which would match most women's skintones (as you will see in the post later). the first packaging is in the pump form as you can see in the first 2 pictures, but then it changed it's packaging to a tube form (like mine) and then later, added another size (20g.) as seen in website & picture above for those who want to try it out first. i find it pretty amazing seeing all the reviews that Korean ladies have posted on the Missha website, especially how the BB cream covers their pores. you can go check them out here! (at the bottom of the page)


okay. now time for my personal review towards this BB cream. i actually first bought this BB cream since the beginning when it just had the pump version. at that time, my skin was so bad that i had to avoid using makeup, so i gave away the brand new tube to my mom & sister. and they LOVED it. they claim that the coverage is just so amazing & it makes their skin looks flawless. i have to be honest that at first, i really was not into this BB cream at all, because it didn't give me that much of a 'flawless look' but after hearing about all the craze/hype about it again, i decided to give it a try again & ordered it in shades No.21 and No.23. but because i was at my parents house, i only had the No.23 with me (bc that's my mom & sister's shade).


the packaging is very nice as you can see. it's very easy to use & easy to squeeze out the cream. and since i don't have much to say about the packaging, i'm going to talk about the scent of the cream here (haha!) sadly this BB cream (and just like any other Korean product) has a strong scent to it :( so i'm really unsure if i'll be allergic to the perfume or not. but after several uses, it did not make me break out BUT... details later :P


and that is what the color looks like. as most of you all know, BB cream most of the time has a grey-undertone to it. so it often makes your skin/face look 'ashy' after applying it, but this ashy effect will go away & the color will blend in your skin after giving it about 5-10 mins. to settle in. this No.23 BB cream also is one of those 'ashy' BB creams. and you can see how dark this cream is for me. but from the last picture, you can see that the coverage is just 'amazing'. HOWEVER, for me, this BB cream doesn't work so well with my face. when you do apply more on the places where you need coverage, the formula becomes quite cakey & will extentuate the dryness on your skin. so again, this would probably be a no no for those with dry, flaky skin like me :(


and this is what the BB cream looks like on oil-control film/sheets. i know i should have compared it next to a foundation that everyone knows but i didn't have anything at that time (so apologies here!) but from what i see, i will have to admit that the oil control is pretty amazing. i mean after 9 hours with only that much oil around it, is pretty good. and it'll probably be even better if you set your makeup with a good loose powder, which will make your face less oilier through out the day.

& just to make things easier, i'm going to summarize my thoughts towards this product.
1. price : really affordable, a tube can go a LONG way.
2. color : available for those with really light to dark skin. i think Missha is one of the few companies that makes BB cream this dark. so this is a plus.
3. scent : not loving it at all :(
4. coverage : good. very buildable. it also does a good job covering up your pores. (a friend of mine has HUGEEEEEEEEEE pores and this covers them up so well that her face looks super smooth & poreless. lol)
5. oil control : good (but again, i don't have super oily skin)
6. cream : it isn't too thick or too watery. it's easy to apply it on your face. but the cream however can appear cakey on dry skin. so i would not recommend this to those with really dry skin. and luckily, the cream did not break my skin out. so that's a plus.
7. repurchase ? probably a 'no' from me. because of my dry flaky skin, i have a feeling that this is not the right BB cream for me (yet)

so my final conclusion about this BB cream is that,
it either will work like magic or you, or it will fail miserably on you. i've seen how magical this BB cream is on other people, but for SOME odd reason, this is not the 'magic' BB cream for me. i guess it really is true when they say 'if others say it's good, it doesn't necessary mean it's going to work for you' so honestly i would have to say that you will have to give it a try by yourself to really know that it's worth the hype or not. :( but for now, this super famous BB cream is a meh. for me. i know i'm going against A LOT of people opinions towards this product, but what can i do?! it really didn't work for me! so i hope this post is somewhat helpful for some of you out there! give it a try. you can always go ask for small samples from the counters or your friends. and only by that, you will know if it's magic or if it fails on you.

i know that the language in this post is all weird. and the ending is so... abrupt. haha
that's because being away from blogging for a whole week makes you so blur +_+ so i apologize here! :) so tell me about your experiences with BB creams! anything that worked for you & anything that didn't work on you? sharing is caring!
- Coco

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