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Sunday, September 5, 2010 , 5:40 PM

Hey everyone!
i'm now finally back at my house! yippee!
it feels so great just to be back home with my family, my pets & all! & being back home means i'll have more time to blog & take pictures with my nikon! :D
as you guys know, i was taking a summer course (human anatomy) & that was kind of a torture for me. taking 24 full credits already in the past term (3 months) with classes like organic chemistry & physics just made me really want to cry every night. plus i had to live alone in my little apartment room :( so i was missing home like crazy. but then i decided to take the summer class to get over it so next summer i can go to korea. YES. korea! human anatomy was surprisingly very interesting. but the content itself is super difficult. i hope i do pass the class though! wish me luck everyone!


so recently my little sister's 14-year-old best friend went to america for the summer. and being quite close to me, she got me my favorite things & that is of course nail polishes! (thank you so much! i love you like my real sister! -3-) recently O.P.I had launced out their new line called "Nicole" which featured very colorful & lively colors, probably targeting the consumers of younger age. And part of the Nicole line was these Nic's Sticks which is a nail polish in a stick form. At first i was really unsure if this is such a great idea & was scared that it'll be a hot mess. But let's see what i think of it, after using it last night ;)


so the packaging itself is very cute. and i just had to 'aw' the first time i saw these. i think they are over 20 different colors that you can choose from. and another 4 for basic care such as cuticle stuff & top coats. So how this Nic's Stick works is that you first have to shake it then you press the stick at the tip and then the formula will ooze at the brush. this idea kinda reminded me how those sharpie pens or liquid white-outs (not sure what they call it at each place, but yeah, the white liquid you use to 'erase' pen writings on paper). the nail-polish-in-a-stick idea was probably made to make our lives easier, but of course nothing is perfect. the problem that i had was that if you pressed too hard or too much, too much product will come out & at the tip of the brush it becomes this huge mess. but i still think that it's very convenient if you know how to 'work with it'


and this is what the brush looks like. i don't know if you can see it in this small picture but if i hadn't resize this, you can see that another problem for this product is the brush itself. the brush hair/bristles tend to go all over the place. so what i had to do is to use those tiny scissors to carefully cut out the hairs that aren't in place off. i think this is because the hairs on the brush aren't dense enough. and because of this, when you apply it on your nails, it's very hard to control your brush because the brush is so flimsy & it will make your nail polish coat uneven.


and this is what it looks like on my nails. i will have to say that the color intensity is really nice. this is just one coat on my nails! and another thing i like about this is that it dries SUPER fast! another very important thing to consider when buying nail polish!

so in conclusion,
i will have to say that this is quite a miss for O.P.I but i do give them props however for trying something totally different. i will recommend this for new beginners though. for those who just started to paint their nails & all. but for me, being through hundreds of different polishes, there's a lot of product better than this out there. price wise i'm not sure but it probably isn't so cheap since it's O.P.I? hahaha. i'll rate this product a 3/5. i give it props for the design, the color intensity, and the quick drying that it gives. but points off for the sucky brush!


and that's our rabbit, Coco! named after me. hehehe.
i love how nice she is & how clean she keeps herself ;)

& a shout-out to eli !
i'm sending your package this week for sure! i'm so sorry for delaying it like crazy. but you don't know what i've been through! which got me so mad! (explain later with your package! hahaha)
until next time (chanel review!)
- Coco & mini Coco

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