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Monday, September 20, 2010 , 5:40 PM

Hey everyone! :)
i know it's been a few days that i haven't post anything. that's because i was busy packing my luggage & saying goodbyes to my family. i arrived at my apartment yesterday in the afternoon & sadly i am super sick now. i was seriously in deep pain all through-out my flight. i felt like i was going to throw up all the time T_T & this morning i woke up all dizzy that i couldn't even stand straight! school also started today & my first class got canceled. i was bummed out since i could've get an extra 2 hours of sleep if they informed us before :( i was literally 'weak' the whole day & through my physics & med microbio class. my face is super pale right now & i feel like i'm going to faint any time. i took some meds a few h
ours before & it's making me feel a little bit better. my throat is starting to soar a bit. hopefully i'll get better by tomorrow U_U i seriously hate being sick!

oh & after i do feel better,
i have a post that probably you all will enjoy! i spent many days researching about it & putting the post together. so look forward to that! i also have a lot of blog comments to catch up with which again, i'll read everyone's posts after i feel better :')
for the time being, coco needs to go rest *faints*

hope you all are doing great!
- Coco