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Friday, September 10, 2010 , 12:57 PM

weeee ! :)
i am back again! & today i'll be talking about my very first Chanel item! some of you may recall me rambling about my purchase of Mac & Chanel stuff a few posts earlier. so here it is now! recently a lot of people around me have been raving about Chanel's powder/foundations. the most popular one would be the Matt Lumiere which is targeted for those with oily skin. but bc of my combination-to-dry skin, i decided to pick up the Vitalumiere Eclat compact instead.


so the pact came in a Chanel bag. the material is super good. but as you can see, the cloth is a dust magnet -_-! i think if those hi-end brands like Dior or Chanel can fix this problem, i'll give them major props.


the case is simple. black. and the plastic isn't weak or cheap looking. i love the simple yet elegant packaging that Chanel always delivers.


and the shade that i picked out is B20 (Beige-Tendre) i bought this online & and first i was really scared that the shade wouldn't match my skin. i researched a lot on this products & tried to see what skintone matches with what shade. i'm not too yellow. nor am i pink undertone. but luckily the shade matched my skin! :)


and this is what the color looks like. it's pretty true to color in this picture. the real thing is probably a bit more darker. about the powder texture, it really is fine & smooth. it glides on your face really nicely (depends on with what brush you're applying it with, will mention that below) the power does have a light scent to it. at first i was really nervous that i would probably be allergic to this powder. but luckily it didn't break me out like what Anna Sui did to me (phewww !) so for those sensitive skin users out there, please go try it out at the counters before you buy it!


the powder comes with 2 applicators. a brush & a sponge. i personally prefer using the brush. because that way, my face won't look too cakey or chalky. since i already have dry skin, i would want piles of powder to accentuate the flakiness of my skin even more! but if you're looking for extra coverage, the sponge is probably more better. the brush is extremely soft & it does a really good job spreading the powder across your face. the sponge is really dense too & it will provide that extra coverage if you need it. in terms of coverage, i'll say that it is very low. most people know already that Chanel powders don't really aim to cover any imperfections, but it would rather give a 'glow' finish to your skin. i found this to be very true. i use this powder after applying my concealer, and dust off a bit of powder with the brush, and my skin looks amazing. the concealer does the covering part. but the Chanel powder brings out the healthy glow to your face. making your face 'glow' and looks very 'smooth'.

i would really like to recommend this for anyone who has already 'good' skin. i mean. if you don't have any acne or anything on your face, this powder would look absolutely gorgeous on you! because i am still suffering with my acne break outs :( this currently is stored in my drawer waiting for that day to come back again where i no longer need acne medication T_T

final rating : 4/5
points off for the super expensive price!

i know i seem a bit dizzy & random in this review but yeah, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask me! i'll reply you asap! :) until next time!
- Coco

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