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Thursday, August 5, 2010 , 1:10 PM

hello everyone! :)
i am obviously back, back with a lot of stuff to share!
skip this part if you find no interest in my life (lol) well... summer school started. so i'm back in my apartment now, missing home like crazy. the class that i'm taking is 'Human Biology' and yes, it involves dissecting real human bodies. i felt a bit scared at first, i don't mind the dissection but it's the fact that we're dissecting a REAL human body, who was once alive just like us! the first day of class was just this Monday and we had a 'tour' to see what we will have to do. there were about 300 medicine students in this ONE room with over 60 metal tables with bodies on there. and the smell of formaldehyde scared me like crazy! it was right after lunch, and i was literally shaking. the noise, the smell, and the sight of those med. students cracking skulls with saws & hammers just made me want to cry! :( it was really disturbing... and i got a really bad fever from that sight :( then on Wednesday was our big day because there's no lectures, just dissection labs for 6 hours straight! my group got a 'kind' grandpa body. i was really hesitant to touch the body at first but then later somehow you magically 'forget' the fact that you're dissecting a 'human' but you become so obsessed with finding the right muscles, the right nerves! everyone was standing there pulling the skin, using the knives to scrape out the fat & all. it was pretty interesting in the end. In Thailand, the bodies that we use are from the people who volunteered to give their bodies after their death for educational purposes, and we all respect them for this, and we call them Aj.Yai (meaning 'big teacher') because they are our teachers! i was so confused during the lectures, but everything became SO clear in the lab. i am very grateful for having this opportunity, and i really want to thank you my 'aj.yai' :)

it's not a required class that i have to take plus it's during the summer, but i thought to myself why loose this opportunity? only one of out of 1000s of people will only have the chance to do this kind of experience. so to all you science people out there, please do not throw away this opportunity just because you are afraid, i was afraid too but now i'm so glad i had overcome that fear & found something so fascinating about the human body that could become beneficial for saving other people's lives in the future :) it's not that bad.


that was long! & please don't mistaken me as some psycho enjoying the sight of guts & skins. it's what i HAVE to do. so please understand! anyways, i'm finally doing a post that i've thought of doing for so long... it's my everyday makeup items!


so i keep all of my everyday makeup items in this 'longchamp' looking makeup bag. it's fake (i don't even think there is such a product like this in their line) hahaha. but it's so cute isn't it? :D anyways, people are often surprised at how 'little' i use to how much i 'own' and how 'natural' my makeup is. i never ever wear eyeliner to class. some of you are probably like "OMG" but yeah, i wear glasses and it's weird for me, plus i rub my eyes kind of often when i'm reading something so i wouldn't want to risk having smudged eyeliners walking around the university. i also never wear any eyeshadow. HAHAHAHA. then why do i buy them?! honestly, i buy makeup as my hobby but i never really use them outside (another weird side of me) i also never use any blush on my cheeks. HA! but i am trying to look for something to brighten up my face and i think i found the perfect one, not telling you what yet :P


i also never use any foundation on a daily basis. but i have a variety of concealers instead. i often use a lot of concealers on my face, skip the foundation, and set everything with loose powder. i cover my blemishes & scars with my all time favorite Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer which i'm pretty sure these are available everywhere in the world. this concealer is really friendly to my acne & skin. and it's so liquidy but it gives you enough coverage so that's why i love it so much. i also use the Skinfood Banana Concealer under my eyes and the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick in Beige (did a review earlier, please go check it out) to cover my imperfections on days where my skin is really going crazy. i also added in Everyday Minerals concealers in my routine, and use this concealer to set my Maybelline concealer. and i have to tell you, this makes my skin looking so good! love love love!


again, see how colorless my everyday makeup is? it's either a random German drugstore chapstick or my favorite Anna Sui Lip Balm that i use on my lips first, followed with my new love, Etude House Follow Me Tint (did a review last post, great stuff!) to give me some color to my lips so i won't look too 'dead'


and for powders, i sometimes use my Mac Mineralize Skinfish Powder to set my base makeup, or the random super cheap but super good Cute Press Evory Loose Powder available only in Thailand. and of course the Cezanne nose shadow thingy to create the fake nose job that i've always wanted =P


and on the days when i need that extra extra coverage, i use my all time favorite pact, Ettusais Zero Pore Dry Block Pact. this product omgsh, gives you the best coverage any pact could ever ask for! and it's perfect for my skin because it doesn't make my skin dry or cakey at all. absolutely love it & you can tell how much i love it by the condition that my pact is in. Hahaha. the case itself is the limited edition one last year i think, and i just keep buying refills. this is my 2nd pact already, and i've hit the pan already! ;) backup one coming up really soon! oh oh, i actually did a review on this pact on my first post ages ago, so please go check that out & see it's amazing coverage!


and the brushes for everyday, a concealer brush from Everyday Minerals to pat on my mineral concealers, and the Ecotools brush from the 5-piece bamboo makeup set. i have other kabuki & face brushes, but nah, i stick with these stuff because not only they are cheap, they do their jobs very well. feel free to try them out!



and yeah, i cleaned out my makeup drawer! it was REALLY unorganized because i basically jammed every new product that i bought & stuffed everything inside. so after watching the makeup guru's on youtube on their makeup collection, i felt a bit jealous in how organized everything was. so i just did it & it took me almost an hour to decide where to put what. there's no HUGE difference but it looks a lot nicer, doesn't it? :P

i've been pretty busy because this summer class is so 'tight' we have to cover everything that other people learns in basically 5 months into ONE month, crazy i know. but i have a Chanel & another Mac haul coming up so i'll be back pretty soon ;)
take care everyone!
- Coco

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