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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 , 12:04 PM

omg. omg. omg!
want to know what i'm all excited about?
i finally got my first ever mac blush!
kinda embarrassing i know, but i have to be honest, i have never been into all these 'hi-end' products at all. I've always chose to buy those from the drugstores in Japan, or normal korean brands such as Etude or Skinfood. and if you guys know me, i dislike blushes. from all the makeup that i have, i have only 2 blushers which is super sheer & the color hardly shows up & of course, i never use it. and maybe it's because i've finally become a college student, where i need to look at least a bit more mature, i decided to get this super duper famous blush that everyone is crazy about atm. and that is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Stereo Rose blush! :D


i don't know how hard it is to find this product in the states or any other countries. because from what i saw & read, this blush was sold out almost immediately & everyone was crying over about it. some bought back-ups already & basically went crazy over this blush. i'm not a mac guru or anything, but from what i know, this color was first released in 2005 back in the "Goldplay" collection. and has been discontinued from then, but this color was brought back in 2010 from the "In The Groove" collection.


luckily for me, living in Thailand, there's plenty left here. i just went online & bought it without any ease. i'm not sure if it's still available at the counters, but from what i know, Thailand still has a lot left. so that's lucky for me :) i have always thought that blushes would look weird on me. i'm a kind of girl who likes the 'matte' finish that looks really natural, so i often avoid using colors on my face. plus, i have a huge problem with the redness from my acne marks/scars that makes my face 'blush' already without using any blush. (LOL) i also thought that using blush would make my pores stand out like crazy. but this blush proved me wrong!

it looked soooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous on my skin!
and gave me that 'natural' glow to my face & it looked like i was really 'blushing'. i was just so good U_U my friend was like "you just knew the power of blushes?" and yes. so i think from now on, i'll be very interested in buying more blushes! definitely!


the first time i got it in my mail, and i swatched it on my fingers, i was like holy moly at how 'shimmery' it looked. and again, if you know me, i hate shimmery items. blah. but then i picked up my blush brush & put this on & looked in the mirror, i was like O___O! from being shimmery, it became 'glowy' and 'dewy' instead. kind of the same effect that the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural gives, but a lot more dewy. another thing that i liked about it was that it wasn't too sheer or too pigmented. you can always build up the colors to reach that intensity that you want it to be. so as a blush-noob like me, even i had no problem using it. i really enjoyed this product & felt really lucky to have chosen this as my first mac blush :)

final verdict? get it now!
good luck & i'll talk to you guys soon ;)
- Coco

ps. & oh! i've been thinking over & over again of maybe doing swaps with anyone who is interested. i live in Thailand where almost everything is available for a much cheaper price in the US. especially korean or japanese makeup, where i have friends & families that can get them for me anytime & it'll just come by the mail within 10-14 days! i've seen the prices on ebay & all for these products, and oh lorddddddddddddddddd ! the price is like triple the original price! & for example if you're looking for a certain product such as this mac blush which might not be available anymore in your country, i'll be more than happy to search them for you :) i know i'm not a 'pro-blogger' or anything, and this is also new to me. so if you're interested feel free to email me at lococo.lotion@gmail.com or just leave a comment below :D
i'm also thinking of doing maybe a giveaway soon :)
i'm feeling very happy! hehehe.

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