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Saturday, July 24, 2010 , 2:09 PM

surprised to see me again? :P
well like i said, ill be a lot more free these days but ill be gone for a couple of days from today :) have a family golfing trip to attend. that should be fun! anyways, i'm back today with the rest of my haul ! let's go!

*edit* about the ELF products last post, its not that i have anything against it but that's just what i thought about their products. over all, i will have to say that the quality is worth its price :) and i'm pretty sure there's a lot more goodies from ELF that is worth more than it's cheap price. i heard their brushes are good! :D i will try to check them out sometime :)


finally to asian products ;) this brand, Too Cool For School had just recently launched/debuted itself in korea in 2010. a cool, and very 'unique' look that gives off the vintage feel? i felt that way the instant i saw their products Break Time Lip Tint Balm to test out their quality and i will have to say that i like it a lot more than the normal korean brands. i'm definitely going to do a massive haul on their products next month ;) so you guys stay tuned for that! oh. feel free to check out their products at "www.toocool.co.kr" im pretty sure you guys wont be disappointed with their packaging ;)


the next item is a Japanese brand "Cezanne" which is a really affordable brand targeting students that have just started using makeup. i'm not a newbie myself but i will have to say that their products are just AMAZING. their foundation pact even ranked the top 3 in the cosme ranking in Japan! their products are seriously not just 'cheap' but top quality! if i were to compare the price, it would be around ELF's price, but the quality is MUCH better. i picked up the Cezanne Nose Shadow Hi-light palette in Japan which is a palette with a hi-lighter and a brown shadow used to contour your nose (as in the picture in the back). the powder's pigmentation looked a bit light at the first glance but when you actually do use it, it works like magic! this is seriously a must have item for all the girls or guys with small noses fav. product of the whole bunch!


well this item isn't considered 'new' in my haul but i have just recently had the chance to try it out on my face. the famous Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Medium i probably wont have to say much about it but i will have to say that i do like it myself too :) although it doesn't give you any coverage at all, it gives a 'magical glow' to your face O_O at first by reading tons of review, people would say that this powder gives you that 'magic' effect on your skin, and now i totally understand what they meant. i'm really tempted to buy maybe the medium deep one as for a shading/contouring powder :) and maybe the light one also for when i use foundation!


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils! in Black Bean and Milk (another one also came in the mail today & that's in Cottage Cheese) i have a love-hate relationship with them actually ... it gives amazing pigmentation but the black one 'leaks' and smudges so bad :( my whole package was stained by the oils from the eye pencil. and that was not a pleasant thing to see :( the milk and cottage cheese however, is perfect for hi-lighting your under eyelids or as what michelle phan says 'line your waterline to open your eyes up' ;) i also picked up another pack of sponges from Etude House and a reallllllllly good foundation brush from Skinfood (both are Korean brands). the foundation brush is just amazing! i was tempted to buy the body shop foundation brush but people had so many mixed thoughts about it, so much loving and so much hating. so after seeing cl2425 (Catalina)'s makeup collection vdo & she mentioned how much she loved this brush, i decided to get it & boy, was she right! :D


hahahaha & finally Coco picked up the famous foundation Revlon ColorStay in Medium Beige my shade's actually a lot lighter, around the color Nude or sthing. but i picked up the darker one to cover my acne scars. i have a lot of scars on my cheeks & need that extra pigmentation to cover it. it does however make my face look 3 times darker, but by applying a lighter powder/finishing powder on top, my skin looks very healthy & flawless. this foundation is thick however, so it's not recommended to be used everyday. luckily i did not break out by this product so i just use the foundation as my 'concealer' by dipping my concealer brush in the bottle & applying it on my face to cover my blemishes! this way my face can look 'better' without having a really thick layer of foundation on my skin ;) feel free to try it out!


if you guys didn't know, a while ago a really famous Korean girl group 2NE1 joined together with Etude House to create their own line of goodies including eyeliners, lipsticks, etc. being a 2NE1 fan, i picked up the Follow Me Tint (Follow Me is one of their famous tracks) which is a blue lipstick but it will magically turn into pink a few seconds after application! i love love love love it! :D the smell is also amazing !!!


this by far is one of the most exciting hauls i have ever made, i think? hahaha. but im sure more will come later & ill be sure to come & update with you guys! my NYX package also came in today but i havent had the chance to take pictures yet, and im expecting another korean package sometime next week so for now, im off with my family for some good golfing! :D feel free to comment on this post or my previous post & ill get back to you guys asap! i love you all !
- Coco

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