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Thursday, July 8, 2010 , 9:41 PM

omo. its been a while again! huhu. school's been extra busy & i have my final exams next week :( nehows, im sure i wont disappoint you guys down with my post today bc im back with the Dr.Jart BB cream review! hoorays! :) this BB cream seemed to be the hi-light of my haul last post, so now, lets go see how good this thing is! go go go!


the packaging is all silver, corresponding to its name well, "Dr.Jart Rejuvenating BB Silver Lable" woahhh. sorry that i didnt take a picture of the box, it was too silver, so it reflected everything & was too troublesome. hahaha. the BB cream comes in a 50ml tube which would likely last for years! it also contains SPF 35/PA++ and has whitening properties!


most people comment on this BB in terms of color range. at first i was so shocked to see how 'white' the cream looked and was really scare that ill turn out looking too pale, pale like a ghost or something. hehe. BUT. as you can see, once you blend & allow it to settle on your skin for a few minutes, it brings out this bright & very healthy looking skin to you!


since i have a lot of problem with redness on my skin, i used a red tint on the back of my hand to replicate that redness on my skin, and from the last picture, you can definitely tell that the BB does quite a good job covering the color!

so what is it like on my face? honestly i have only really used this once. the colors blended out well & it did not appear as white as it initially was straight from the tube. so that's a good thing. my pores were also covered well, but in terms of coverage (blemishes & scars), this still needs to be covered by a concealer. but if you have normal-perfect skin, i'm very sure this BB cream would make your skin even more perfect! but i found this BB cream to be a bit drying for me. bc as you guys know, i have extremely dry skin & it flakes alot :(( so that's not so good for me. in terms of oil-control, i dont think that this is the best oil-controller BB cream out there, i get oily around my t-zone (but very dry on the cheeks) & i had to blot my face twice i think.

its price is expensive compared to those common korean brands such as Etude or Skinfood. bc i think Dr.Jart is one of the higher brands in korea?

so in conclusion: i would really recommend this BB cream to those looking for a natural, glowing BB cream, those with not so oily skin, and not too dry skin types :) oh, and i would not recommend this BB cream for those with darker skin tones. im not a mac pro, but i think those around NC15-30 would fit in this category.

if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me! ill get back to you asap! i love you all! oh & im currently looking for a very cute, natural mac lipstick that i can wear to school everyday, pink/orange/any shade is fine. im a real mac noob & i have no clue what is good! so share me your favs & recommendations!
- Coco

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