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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 , 8:05 PM

yes :)
the same person as coco-lotion (read explanation at old blog)
but im restarting again here naming my blog after my fav. japanese clothes brand ;)
SWANKY (http://swanky-swanky.jp/)
i hope that ill be a-wheeeeeeee bit more active here !
so lets get to the point!

Muji Face Color (Orange 01)
Muji - if you dont know is a Japanese brand selling all kinds of
things i think its something like bath & beyond store or something.
they sell clothes, accesories, bedding sheets, bathroom, beauty supplies,
stationary, ALL! and then the newest in their store is the makeup/cosmetic line!
:D their brushes are a-mazing. so its time for me to try their blush
of which is so cheap compared to their simple-but-yeah-oh-attractive-packaging!
retails at 578 JPY which is really cheap!

(no color swatch sorry T-T)
the color is cute & its pigmented enough. the texture may abit chalky for some, but for a 'blush-beginner' like me, this is the perfect blush for everyday use :) cheap & sweet! please have a go at muji products & cosmetics the next time you're in japan! ;) you'll be surprised!

The Face Shop Professional Make Up Base (Green)
so lately, The Face Shop's makeup base has been a rave for all the gurus in asia. i actually had this base with me for almost half a year already and just found it lying sadly at the corner of my makeup drawer -_-; so i tested it out again, and here are my swatch & thoughts...

i bought the green (no.1) one. the packaging is cute :) and very easy to use. the price is also VERY cheap (10 USD max) Green is suppose to cover the redness on your skin, and having suffering with acne and redness, i decided to pick this color. so to 'imitate' the redness, i drew on the back of my hand :D (its cute i KNOW -_- im srry)

the texture is quite creamy, the smell isnt too overpowering

so after rubbing it in and leaving it there, the redness on my hand did kind of fade away BUT the back of my hand became greenish -_-; im not sure if i used too much or not. but what i know is that the base is abit too dry and i will not be using this on my face bc i have extremely dry skin :( but what i heard is that this base is very good on those with oily skin :D so for the cheap price, please give this a go. but this is probably a no for me.

next on the line is my brand new foundation which i had been eyeing for so long!
Ettusais Flat Design Liquid (10 Yellow Beige)
i have to be honest that i was pretty disappointed in this foundation T-T bc it hardly covers anything, the foundation was too thin! and the texture was abiiiiiiiiit dry. but the good thing is that it didnt cause me to breakout - which is the intended purpose of this foundation from this brand ettusais - targeted with sensitive skin users!

and with my compact powder (also from ettusais) to finish the process and this is what the finished product looks like :) pretty impressive!

some of the products that i ordered from USA just came in ;)
will be reviewing these next post! :D

Miss Coco

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