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Thursday, February 4, 2010 , 6:40 PM

oh wow. im actually updating again today! ;)
i was cleaning up my room so decided to take some shots with my sucky camera (and the photo uploader on blogger makes it even worst!) bc i forgot my dslr at home! my room is extremely-very-japanese-small. the first time i came to this apartment i almost cried, thinking how could i ever survive living in this rat-hole sleeping, cleaning, exercising, studying, showering, cooking, washing & ironing my own clothes, doing everything here!! but then 2 years had passed.. and i have to say this is the place where i can be myself, and its my second home :D

my bed & do you see my iron? :P
i always wanted a white, clean, and vintage looking room -_-;
but i donno how on earth my room became a wild zoo.
all the colors are bright & everywhere! hahaha.
ppl like it though.

see my 'handy bag' ? ;D
my working table. waaaaaaaay too much stuff.
but on the right my work books, magazines, and leisure books
on the left is my medicine, facial creams, and beauty care (oh and
my manga collection on top) :D

and this is my makeup drawer.
ALOT of backup stuff, new items, seriouslly i look at this
drawer and see that i use less than half of all the stuff 'stuffed'
in here. blahhhhhhh. so dont be scared that ill run out of
items to review or rave about. HEHEHE

since this is my apartment, i need a 'kitchen'
-_-; so yeah thats basically my mini bar LOL!
and the double mirror door is my closet
my bathroom is sooooooooo small so basically i have to stuff everything in there
so that's my life!
what do you think? :D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3
i havent formally introduced myself yet, so might as well do it in this post ;)
my name's Coco (prefered name for blogging)
from Japan -3- but i have lived outside from Japan since birth -_-;
i graduated from a (American-based) international school in Thailand
and is still in Thailand, going to a international college studying Biomedicine and minoring in Japanese (im very bad at Japanese, our family hardly uses any Japanese at home)
english is NOT my first language, but ive been raised up as an American (customs, traditions, but of course still keeping the manners of the Thais) i was raised up in a very carefree environment but yet im not spoiled
i do not intend to become a doctor, surgeon, or anything. parents dont mind what i study, as long as im happy :D in fact, it would be nice if i could take photography or any arts after receiving my bachelor degrees. i LOVE the ocean. i wouldnt mind going to grad school studying marine biology though ;) where i can expand and gain experiences in photography there too! im verrrrrrrrry nice. i have bad grammar but i love to read books (doesnt this just prove to you that reading doesnt always makes your english better?)

--------------------------- 3
and since this is a beauty blog, let me share some thoughts
with one item for today :D i hope im not boring you guys though :(

Anna Sui Loose Powder (700)
i was very excited to get this since it's going to be my first
Anna Sui product and i had to save up for a while! >_<;

i will have to say that the packaging is sooooo gorgeous like
every other Anna Sui product. keeping the dark, vivid, colors
& style, i have to say i immediately fell in love! BUT. the powder
container was made poorly :( the lid didnt have a screw-lid type
you can just cover the powder with the lid and thats it. so if you
accidently drop it, pretty much all of the powder will be GONE on the floor.

the powder itself is VERY fragranced. the smell is very pleasant.
like roses, a very calming smell of which i love! :D i chose the shade
700 from all 5 shades available. hoping to set my foundation with
this loose powder.

the powder puff is adorable! but i find it hard to apply the powder
bc the powder usually goes flying all over your face like POOF.
so i prefer using the brush more.

it sounds good right? BUT. sadly.
after purchasing the loose powder WITH the compact powder,
i found myself allergic with Anna Sui cosmetics T-T and thats bigggg money for me. i had to spend months recovering my face & also the money spent on these products :( having sensitive skin, Anna Sui products is probably a no-no for you. it turns out that i became allergic/sensitive to the perfume in the powder! but for those with not so sensitive skin, ill say that give it a go! the powder is very smooth, and your face looks so silky with it on! not cakey at all! but sadly this has to stay in my drawer for now :(

until next time!
- Miss Coco
PS. Thankyou to all for taking the time to read my blog!
Please feel free to leave any questions/comments below & ill get to you
as soon as possible! Goodnight!

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