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Sunday, February 28, 2010 , 4:01 PM

first of all, im so sorry for being so inactive here. at first i honestly thought that noone was really reading or noticing this blog at all, but i came back and saw the followers i had, the comments that i got, and i felt some kind of responsibility to continue! i really want to thankyou you all out there! :D really much appreciated.

so my few posts were kinda personal, so i thought why not go deeper? hahaha. since this blog is going to reflect me, my thoughts & all, ill like to share some of my work at school with you guys. as you probably know, im a biomedicine student. so yes, im a asian-science-nerdy-student. but i can swear to you that, im waaaaay different from all my classmates. im currently in my 2nd year so all my classes are SCIENCE-related, no more general ed. classes :( boo! so here are some photos of what ive been busy with... for the past 2 years.

noooo, dont misunderstand me, that's not my desktop wallpaper! we had to draw all these muscle parts/bones into our lab reports. i took these photos by myself btw. and its not easy at all...

my disecting bag? idk. it comes really handy when im trying to cut through those hard sturdy muscles of the heart.

freda/fred is very useful when trying to memorize all the human parts.

goldfish blood circulation on its tail. damn. it was SUPER hard working with real, alive animals. and no, we did not kill the goldfish!

blood smears (this is my blood. lol) observing the lymphocytes/while blood cells determining one's health.

we had to go to another campus for our advanced microscopy class. so i was doolding around taking photos before the class started.

preparing slides of 'shrimp eggs' for the confocal microscope lab

HAHAHAHA. my messy handwriting & notes that i scribbled really fast when the professor zoomed through the lecture like a jet plane.


LOL. i have so much more photos. i had to take them for reference when for example, studying for my test, writing my lab reports and all. dont get me wrong, im not showing off or anything. i mean why would i want to show off that i have no life? LOL. and im not saying that you have to believe everything that i say because im a science student. but its jst a part of me, and ive been feeling quite down lately about my studies :( i guess being a science student has its pros and cons. its cool that we get to do all those labs & all, but the bad thing is that the stereotypes that we get being a science student. nerd. geek. anti-social. book as my bestfriend. :( but its not like we LIKE doing that. well at least for me. i have to study hard. i have to finish all my work. which requires more time than other people. i feel so lonely sometimes when my friends go out to party when i have to stay in to finish my lab report or study for my microbiology test on the next day :( OMG! im being a bit emotional? -0-;; sorry!


and since this is a beauty blog, i recently discovered my love for OPI products! okay, i might sound a bit behind-the-mountain, but i just recently bought my first OPI nail polish. and im in love! i bought the Gargantuan Green Grape in Matte. it dries out instantly when applied! so its easy to see the stroke marks if you arent really good with the brushes. in the picture below, i had to paint it over for 3 times. which lasted on my nails for over 10 days!


okay. i have to admit, this post is really weird....
but this is just me? :P
see you next time!
ps. i made a promise to myself that ill TRY to update
this blog at least 2 times a week! yay! <3

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